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G-Form Pro-X Elbow Pad negro

Con el RTP, G-Form ha conseguido el equilibrio perfecto entre protección, comodidad y ajuste. Las coderas Pro-X son como una segunda piel, permitiéndote una gran libertad de movimiento y protegiéndote de impactos. CaracterísticasCertificado CE (CE EN 15613:2008)Ajuste de compresión específico para adultoProtecciones RPT para absorber los impactosTejido UPF 50+ que repele la humedad y te mantiene seco y cómodoDiseño en 2 paneles para un ajuste perfecto

POC Joint VPD Air Knee negro

Por el momento no hay descripciôn para este artículo.

PRO-TEC Knee/Elbow Pad Open Set negro

PERFECTLY PROTECTED KNEES AND ELBOWS WITH PRO-TECThe PRO-TEC Knee/Elbow Pad Open protector set protects you when you kiss the asphalt while skating. The high quality durable fabric, foam rubber inlets, high density PET caps and EVA shells provide the best protection and ensure you maximum freedom of movement. FeaturesSkate protectors from PRO-TECOpen back for the warm summer monthsBound EVA foam for maximum protectionErgonomic design for optimal fitUltra-rugged, tear-resistant ballistic nylonCurved hard cap allows for better fit and protection

REKD Heavy Duty Triple Pad Junior Set negro

The REKD Junior Heavy Duty Triple Pad Set is ideal for a wide range of action sports including skateboardingThe REKD Protections Heavy Duty Triple Pad Set offers great all round protection for elbows, knees and wrists. Each pad features hard wearing ramp style caps to protect you again rough surfaces. Each set includes 2 x wristguards, 2 x elbow pads and 2 x knee pads. FeaturesREKD Heavy Duty Triple Pad Set YouthHeavy Duty knee, elbow and wrist guardsHard wearing ramp style high impact capsDual splint Wrist-guard with 360˚ protectionDual elasticated Velcro straps and triple Velcro straps on wrist-guardComfort liningElasticated fitting sock with moisture vent

TSG Joint Airknit Sleeve Knee Guards negro

The Knee-sleeve Joint Airknit is lightweight, knitted slip-on knee protector which provides lightweight, low-profile softshell protection for unrestricted, all-day rides. An anti-slip cuff stops the pad from slipping while peddaling, while articulated flexible knee and lateral padding deliver reliable crash protection with unrestricted freedom of movement comfortable rideability. Featuresprotection: Pure Softshell constructionArticulated PU foamBike protocol PPETS0002 based on EN 1621-1:2012comfort: Knitted sleeveAnti-slip top cuffLateral paddingPull-over design

TSG Patrol A 2.0 Knee Guards negro

The Patrol Air A knee guard for hardcore bikers features the same tough protection and shock absorption of the Patrol A but with the added bonus of an Ariaprene sleeve, which is both lightweight and breathable. The pre-shaped pad has a hard cap for sliding out of slams and surround Arti-Lage padding to absorb shocks and deliver added support to the knee joint. The pad also stays put while on trails and bail, as it is fastened with comfortable yet secure Neoprene Butterfly straps, top stretch double velcro closure and features Anti-Slip NBR. In short the Kneeguard Patrol Air A is a lighter, drier and more comfortable protection for bikers' knees. Features protection: Hardshell constructionArti-Lage foamEN 1621-1 CE certified Comfort: Pre-Shaped DesignHorseshoe ShapeBreathable AriapreneKevlar Stretch around kneeAnti-Slip NBRLateral PaddingNeoprene Butterfly strapsTop stretch double velcro closureRemovable foamOpen-back design

TSG Wristguard Professional negro

Su diseño ergonómico y sus cintas de ajuste protegerán tus palmas y muñecas a la perfección sin entorpecer tus movimientos lo más mínimo. CaracterísticasTablilla de PE desmontableCintas de velcro de 360°Diseño ergonómicoAlmohadillas de piel en las palmasCE 14120