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BCA Stealth 300 Probes naranja

A must in safety for every freerider.Featuresbca Avalanche probeLight and sturdy aluminiumQuick Lock connection systemLaser printed depth display50 cm folded length

Jones Snowboards Excavator 2021 Shovel negro

Lightweight & robustWeighing only 565g, the Jones Snowboard Excavator Shovel is lightweight and uncompromising. FeaturesShaft Material: AluminumShaft Geometry: OvoïdShaft Size: 49cmCollapsed Size: 32cmFull Size: 69cmBlade Size: 23.5cm/24cmBlade Material: 2mm Anodized AluminiumHandle Shape: TWeight: 565gMade in Europe

Mammut Alugator Light Shovel amarillo

Extra lightweight & durable: Alugator Light by MammutThe Alugator Light is Mammut's lightest avalanche shovel. It weighs less than a small cola and can fit into any small daypack. The sharpened, tiltproof blade is made of ultra-robust anodized aluminum, while the attachment holes mean it is easier and faster to construct a snow anchor or rescue sled. The telescopic shaft has an oval profile. This makes the Alugator even more robust. FeaturesShovel by mammutExtra lightweightSharpened, tiltproof blade made of ultra-robust anodized aluminium Telescopic shaft

Mammut Alugator Pro Light Shovel naranja

Safety first!A must for every day in the powder: shovel and probe. The Alugator Pro Light shovel with a weight of 630g, a shovel blade of 27.5 x 24 cm and a length of 61 cm (collapsed) / 86 cm is stable and goes along with anything. FeaturesBlade Alu 6061 T6T-grip 6013 T6Hardened, anodized aluminum shovel bladeOval telescopic shaftShaft Length (collapsed): 44cmAutomatic zipper locking for quick, precise guidance during assemblyErgonomically shaped T-grip for efficient transfer of strengthSpace-saving blade designStabilization ribs for maximum stabilitySharpened, tilt-resistant blade with integrated stepsStraight blade back - perfect for cutting straight snow profilesAttachment holes for snow anchor and rescue sled

Mammut Carbon 240 Light Probe negro

FeaturesCierre telescópico, un sistema de sujeción fiable y eficaz Segmentos de sonda ligeros y estables, de alta calidad, elaborados en carbonoSondas con escala de precisión en centímetros por ambos ladosCordón de sujeción duradero y resistente a la tracción para una máxima estabilidad del sistema de sujeción de la sondaPunta de sonda con diseño de lágrima para sondear con menos esfuerzoSe puede manejar con guantesPráctica funda de sonda con plan de emergencia integrado

Mammut Carbon 280 Speed Lock Probe naranja

Fast and effective operation!Light, bend-resistant and reliable: the Mammut Carbon Probe 280 fast lock features a speciall developed Fast Lock System for quick and effective operation. The extremely precise probe scaling on both sides allows you to exactly determine the depth of the probe in the snow. Length 280 cm. FeaturesLightweight probe from MammutFast systemProbe scaling on both sides

Mammut Probe 240 estampado

Probe 200 - Mammut Features: + Segmentos de sonda ligeros y estables, elaborados en aluminio resistente + Sondas con escala por un solo lado + Se puede manejar con guantes

Mammut Probe 320 Speed Lock Probe naranja

Glove compatible, fast and reliable!For reliable detection of buried subjects: the Mammut Probe 320 speed lock is specially designed for professional use. Made from durable aluminum. The newly developed, glove-compatible Speed Lock system ensures maximum probe stability and rigidity. Safety Orange colour marks the probe's 150 cm as a visual guide. Total length: 320 cm. FeaturesReliable probe from MammutDurable aluminumSuitable for glovesSpeed lockVisual guidance system

Ortovox Alu 240 Light Probe gris

LIGHTWEIGHT AND SAFE ON THE GO:Lightweight, fast and safe: The ALU 240 LIGHT is the probe for all weight-conscious winter sports enthusiasts. Weighing in at just 235 grams, it is incredibly light and ready to use in just seconds thanks to the quick-assembly strap and quick-lock assembly system. The tension can be quickly and easily set by means of the optimized adjusting screw. The large probe tip, which has a significantly larger diameter compared to the probe elements, ensures improved penetration. We have also optimized the probe segments so that they now have a more compact pack size. The ALU 240 Light therefore fits easily into your tour backpack. As with all our probes, this 240cm-long model features a visual guide system with depth markers, a clear 1-meter marker and a practical quick-release cover. VISUAL GUIDE SYSTEM The intuitive visual guide system provides you with quick and clear information about the victim‘s depth at all times. You can perfectly ADAPT YOUR SHOVELING STRATEGY and save important time thanks to the clear 1m marker, CONTRASTINGDEPTH SCALE and COLORFUL END SEGMENTS. The bottommost segment in neon orange indicates when you are approaching the victim. QUICK-RELEASE COVER The quick-assembly strap makes immediate OPENING AND ASSEMBLY possible IN ONE MOTION, without first having to take the probe out of its cover. FeaturesAramid tensioning systemShorter segments for more compact pack sizeQuick-lock assembly systemQuick-release coverQuick-assembly strapAdjusting screw for optimum assemblyDepth markersVisual guide systemLarge probe tip

Ortovox Alu 240 PFA Probe gris

Solid probe with Patented Flash AssemblyLightweight probe for efficient rescue, the PFA quick assembly system guarantees that when an emergency happen you are ready as soon as possible for an effective rescue. FeaturesPFA quick-assembly systemSteel-cable tensioning systemGrip sleeve made of EVA foamDepth markersQuick-release cover

Ortovox Badger Shovel azul

Pelle en aluminium super légère avec grip ergonomique hybride pour un maximum d'efficacité. FeaturesBords latéraux hauts et barre centrale pronocée pour une rigidité maxPoignée hybrideRainures anti-dérapantesAide centrée sur le manche pour un montage rapide.

Ortovox Beast Shovel azul

La pala Ortovox Beast es una pala agresiva con un agarre híbrido y una transmisión de potencia óptima en un tamaño muy manejable. La hoja fácil de transportar tiene paredes laterales altas y un nervio central, lo que le confiere una rigidez excepcional. El filo de corte está afilado y el borde superior está equipado con crestas antideslizantes. La empuñadura permite una gran variedad de posiciones de agarre para diestros y zurdos. El mango telescópico, rígido y de forma ovalada proporciona una excelente ergonomía. El recubrimiento de goma en la sección inferior maximiza la transmisión de potencia. El cierre rápido facilita el montaje del mástil y la hoja. Características Paredes altas y un nervio central muy pronunciado que le dan una máxima rigidezEmpuñadura híbridaSección ovalada para manejo transversalHoja fácil de transportarBorde afilado y protegidoMango tealescópicoRanuras anti-resbalamiento580 g

Ortovox Carbon 280+ PFA Probe negro

The Carbon 280+ PFA probe form Ortovox offers maximum rigidity for precise probingFeaturesCarbonPFA quick-assembly systemSteel-cable tensioning systemDepth markersQuick-release coverExtendibleVisual guide systemRubberized gripLarge probe tipInterchangeable tip

Ortovox Kodiak Shovel azul

The Kodiak shovel from Ortovox: unique clearing function with the largest shovelling volume FeaturesOval handle cross sectionTelescoping handleNon-slip step groovesRescue sled functionPack-friendly bladeHigh sidewalls and pronounced centre ridge for maximum rigidityHardened and anodized aluminiumD-gripRubberized grip zoneFits in all ORTOVOX backpacks90-degree Easy Plug clearing functionSharp, sturdy bladeAutomatic locking during assembly

Ortovox Pro Alu III Shovel azul

Versione aggiornata high-tech della pala da valanghe più venduta al mondo. FeaturesInserti gommatiScanalatura del manicoSezione ovale del manicoFacile assemblaggioCompatibile con Pocket Spike90° funzione di sgombero PRO ALU IIISlitta / barella d´emergenzaBenna a profilo incidenteChiusura rapida automaticaImpugnatura T Pro opzione d'uso per mancini e destrorsi.Manico telescopicoStruttura antiscivolo

Ortovox Pro Light Shovel azul

Perfection is in the detailsExtremely lightweight, compact and functional: Our SHOVEL PRO LIGHT is the perfect companion for all ski tourers who want to be lightweight on the go, but place high demands on their equipment!  We have used innovative materials, modern production processes and carefully considered notches in the shovel blade to create a lightweight avalanche shovel that weighs in at only 440g – without compromising on rigidity. For the shaft of the shovel we have used high-quality 7075 T6 aluminum that is both very light and extremely strong. For the blade we used the 6061 T6 aluminum. Thanks to the telescopic, rapid-closure shaft, our lightweight avalanche shovel can be quickly adjusted. And its practical switchover function makes it suitable for both left and right-handers. The pack-friendly blade on our SHOVEL PRO LIGHT has step grooves to stop your foot slipping when digging. A sharp, sturdy cutting edge guarantees optimum performance. High sidewalls and a pronounced center ridge on the blade provide the necessary rigidity. Thanks to notches in the material, the SHOVEL PRO LIGHT is not only lighter but also suitable for building a rescue sled or for use as a snow anchor. It is also compatible with the PRO ALU III shaft and fits in all ORTOVOX backpacks. Our SHOVEL PRO LIGHT is the perfect companion for light sheep on ski tours, because with less weight on his back he can use all of his energy for great adventures in the snow. FeaturesHardened and anodized aluminumCompatible with our PRO ALU III shaftGroove-shaped handle cross sectionPack-friendlyRescue sled functionSharp, sturdy bladeT-gripTelescoping handleNon-slip step grooves

Ortovox Set Pro Alu III + Pocket Spike Shovel azul

La miglior PRO ALU di tutti i tempi in un set con il nuovo POCKET SPIKE! FeaturesInserti gommatiSezione ovale del manicoFacile assemblaggioCompatibile con Pocket Spike90° funzione di sgombero PRO ALU IIISlitta / barella d´emergenzaBenna a profilo incidenteChiusura rapida automaticaImpugnatura T Pro opzione d'uso per mancini e destrorsi.Manico telescopicoStruttura antiscivolo