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Vimana Continental Directional V2 153 2021 Snowboard negro

A CLEAN AND CAREFREE FREESTYLE MACHINE! Simplicity is the basic principle of Vimana snowboards! The Continental Directional is therefore the freestyle machine in its most original form. The board offers you affordable high end technologies in a clean design. Here it comes as a camber version for a more aggressive style and with 2 cm setback! Agility and driving fun, whether in the park, on the slopes or in the powder are guaranteed. Riding style The Continental is a board for you if you are a freestyle machine and know how to play with it in the park. If you're a rider who wants to develop, you'll get optimal support with 2 cm of setback and an easy to control board! Shape In the Directional Shape the nose is slightly longer than the tail, here by 2 cm. The bindings and the sidecut are slightly offset to the back. This increases the stability at higher speeds and the lift in powder. Profile The proven and tested True Camber profile gives you a more powerful and energetic ride with a ton of bite and stability! However, camber boards are less forgiving - so the boards tend to catch edge more easily. Flex The Continental's Medium Flex is optimally adapted to all aspects of freestyle. Hard enough to give you the stability you need to land big jumps - yet soft enough to master the down-flat-down rail. Construction The Ultralight Wood Core is a continuous, light poplar wood core for lots of pop and snap. With the sintered 7200 Base you are always the first at the spot. This base is one of the fastest available on the market.  FeaturesDirectional shape2 cm setbackTrue camber profileUltralight wood coreSintered 7200 base

Vimana Continental Directional V2 163W 2021 Snowboard blanco

A CLEAN AND ORIGINAL FREESTYLE MACHINE! THE CONTINENTAL DIRECTIONAL BY VIMANASimplicity is the essence of Vimana Snowboarding! The Continental is the original Vimana freestyle machine. It offers affordable high-end engineering in a clean design, with tone-in-tone colours. It comes with a camber profile for a more responsive ride and a 2 cm setback. Riding style The Continental Directional is built for freestyle machines that know how to hit the park or riders that want to become one. Shape Directional is the classic snowboard shape, designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail, to concentrate pop in the tail while still giving you plenty of floatation, flow, and control to rip any terrain and condition. This board has a 2 cm setback. Profile The traditional camber profile consists of only one positive preload from nose to tail. This profile offers high stability, good edge control and a lot of pop. However, camber boards are not very forgiving and may catch an edge more easily. Flex The medium flex of the Continental Directional is perfectly suited for all kind of freestyle riding. It has the stiffness you need to stomp big landings, but it's still soft enough to press that down-flat-down till the end. Construction The ultralight wood core is a full poplar core, resulting in a snappy and poppy board feeling. The sintered 7200 base is one of the fastest bases available and holds a lot of wax.

Vimana Continental Twin V2 143 2021 Snowboard negro

The award winner in a new lookThe Vimana Continental Twin won a number of awards for good reason. Now the freestyle machine presents itself in a new look. The classic camber profile with true twin shape and medium flex makes the Continental Twin very versatile, playful and yet stable enough for precise all-round performance. Riding style A freestyle board for every rider - carving turns on the piste, surfing turns in the powder or creative runs in the park. With this board, the good times never end. Shape The True Twin shape is perfectly symmetrical for a balanced ride that's equally versatile when ridden forward or switch. Profile  The True Camber profile consists of only a single positive camber from nose to tail. This profile offers high stability, good edge control and plenty of pop. However, camber boards tend to catch edge more easily than other profiles. Flex The medium flex makes the snowboard hard enough for powerful turns, but still soft enough for a playful ride. Construction The Ultralight Wood Core is a continuous, light poplar wood core for lots of pop and snap. The sintered 7200 Base is one of the fastest on the market. FeaturesTrue twin shapeClassic camber profileUltralight wood coreSintered 7200 base