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Blue Magazine Blue Yearbook 2021 Magazine estampado

Blue Magazine #21FeaturesBlue Magazine Blue Yearbook 2021Activism: Save the Waves- Endangered coasts and surf breaks in South Africa, Iceland, the Caribbean and the Maldives // by Danny BurrowsPolitics: Environmental sins in the North Sea // by Tom FreyRumors: Gerry Lopez // by Jack McCoyNorth Surf: Faces of Klitmøller // by Jens Steffenhagen & Louie AngenendtArt: Max Frisinger // by Sebastian RingFantastic Acid: Displacement Hulls by Tristan Mausse // by Simon JamesPeople: Pauline Menczer, Iballa Ruano Moreno, Shalan YasiniCreators: Patrick Trefz, Brian Bent, Zelia Zadra, Adam BrownAfro Surf: Insights into the diverse African surf culture/ by Jan BlaffertHistory: Mentawai Boat Charter Business - Pirates, Tsunamis, Chinese Mafia, Sex, Scandals and Hostile Takeovers // by Matt George Travel: Torren Martyn - Lost Track Atlantic // by Ishka FolkwellRegulars: Photo Story, Travel Tips, Vanlife, Products, Northern Report, Philosophy

Jerome Tanon Heroes – Women in Snowboarding Book estampado

Un libro con muchas fotografías impresionantes, historias personales y obras de arte de mujeres reales snowboarders. Dedicado a todas las mujeres snowboarders que quieren celebrar su pasión y dar voz a sus historias. El snowboard femenino se ha desarrollado radicalmente en la última década, pero hay una gran falta de fotos de estas impresionantes mujeres snowboarders. ¡Son heroínas absolutas, rulan increíble y son independientes!  Durante casi dos años, Jérôme Tanon ha hecho en un viaje por el mundo para hacer esas fotos de mujeres en acción que faltan. Equipado con su cámara analógica Pentax 6x7, ha viajado desde Francia a Austria, Suiza, Canadá, Estados Unidos y Finlandia. Por el camino, ha acompañado a leyendas del snowboard como Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy, Robin Van Gyn, Desiree Melancon o Anna Gasser. Ha documentado las sesiones privadas en las pistas, en el parque, en el backcountry y en la calle. Pero también ha estado presente en grandes eventos como el Audi Nines y Ms. Superpark para capturar sus habilidades para la posteridad.  Jerome Tanon ha logrado documentar el compromiso de estas mujeres en el libro "Heroes - Women in Snowboarding". No sólo está abrumado por las habilidades sino también por la pasión de cada mujer. Y nosotros también estamos abrumados e increíblemente orgullosos de compartir su obra maestra con todos vosotros. Si quieres saber más sobre la ideal y el desarrollo del libro de Jérôme pincha aquí. ​ Colaboradores Estelle Pensiero, Robin Van Gyn, Mary Walsh, Crystal Legoffe, Marie-France Roy, Leanne Pelosi, Nirvana Ortanez, Desiree Melancon, Marion Haerty, Kaisa Lemley, Morgan Anderson, Sarah King, Elena Graglia, Melissa Riitano, Ylfa Runarsdottir, Elena Könz, Ivika Jürgenson, Naima Antolin, Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir, Christy Prior, Jessa Gilbert, Tina Jeler, Natasza Zurek, Anna Gasser, Hana Beaman, Jamie Anderson, Laurie Blouin, Leila Iwabuchi, Annie Boulanger, Alexis Roland, Zoë Vernon, Mia Brookes, Sina Candrian, Klaudia Medlova, Natacha Rottier, Christina "Pika" Burtner, Alicia Gilmour, Margot Rozies, Hannah Eddy y Zoi Sadowski-Synnnott. CaracterísticasHistorias personales escritas por las propias snowboardersIncluye obras de arte de las mujeres snowboardersEscaneo de negativos en Pentax 6x7Reproducciones de la obra principal: 28 impresiones de gelatina de plata en cuarto oscuro288 páginas, 24x29.5 cm, tapa duraPrefacio de Mary WalshDiseño de Matt Georges

Peter Radacher Boards- a brief history of the snowboard estampado

The history of snowboardsSnowboarding is older than you think, in this book you will learn the history and development of the boards.  About the author Peter was already drawing his lines into the powder when the term freeriding did not even exist. He is lucky enough to live at the Hochkeil, which is a so-called snow hole.  There he not only built a hostel for his love of snowboarding, but also his own snowboard museum with over 600 exhibits. Starting with the primeval grandparents of the snowboard from the 16th century, standing sideways toys from the 60's, to the first snowboard-like models of the 70's from Sims, Winterstick and Burton, to the boards of modern times.  But a museum alone was not enough for Peter to express his love for snowboarding. He has now also done it in words and written this book.

Pleasure Powder Special 2019/20120Magazin estampado

Pleasure Mag Powder Special148 pages of powder - Pleasure Magazine's Powder Special is all about the best thing in the world: Riding fresh pow! FetauresJake BlauveltMax BuriCrater LakeBlake PaulSplitboardingPowder BoardsThomas DelfinoJeremy JonesMazedonienShelterYuzawaLess is More... and much more!

Salt & Silver Mexico Book estampado

Tacos, tequila and tattoos!The new book by the two guys from Salt & Silver has been published and takes you on a journey. A trip to Mexico!  The two trained cooks will let you immerse yourself in the land of the Maya and Aztecs - pure holiday feeling! Salsas, tacos, tequila and an exciting journey await you in the book! FeaturesCooking and adventure bookRecipesStoriesBrandstätter publishing houseJohannes Riffelmacher, Thomas Kosikowski

Salt & Silver REISEN SURFEN KOCHEN/ Lateinamerika Book estampado

The best Travel Cook Book for SurfersShotguns to their heads in Mexico, swimming in the Amazon-River in swarms of Piranhas, Surf sessions between sharks and seals on the Galapagos Islands – what Cozy & Jo went through on their journey through Latin America is impossible to tell in just a few sentences. To capture the entire story it takes 320 pages full of stunning photography, more than 100 exotic recipes, tons of illustrations from artists from all over the world and a guide to Latin Americas best surf spots: the Salt & Silver Surf – Travel – Cookbook. No matter if you are surfer, foodie, traveler or all of it: this book offers you a lot of inspiration and a deep personal insight into the vibrant culture of Latin America. Enjoy the ride! Find out more about Jo's and Cozy's adventure in Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico and Cuba. FeaturesSALT & SILVER - TRAVEL SURF COOKLATEINAMERIKAPublisher: Brandstätter Johannes Riffelmacher, Thomas Kosikowskica. 320 pages21 x 28.6 7 cmHardcover