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RS Pro Cork Front Deck Pad marrón

Probably the most environmentally friendly front grip for your surfboard FeaturesSuper thin for a better board feel Sustainable and energy efficient materialWorks on all types of boards (epoxy, PU, wood and foam)Shape match with HexaTractionHexa Tail to complete a whole no-wax boardWater resistantCork honeycomb cells with excellent shock absorption propertiesHeat protection and insulationDesign & manufacture in BarcelonaThickness 1 mm16 notches for better grip and lighter weight39 x 52 cm (15.3" x 20.4")4 pieces of 9 x 41.3 cm (3.5" x 16.3").Net weight: 100 grams (3.5 ounces)Made from cork

RS Pro Cork Hexatraction Surf 15 Pieces Pad marrón

Best grip for your surfboardIf you wanted to do without wax on your surfboard, you had no choice but to glue on a thick EVA front pad. However, many have been put off by the appearance of such a thing. HexaTraction is a new product on the market that not only looks sexy, but also offers optimal grip in all temperatures, is not aggressive to the skin and does not soak up water.  

RS Pro Hexatraction Basic River & Wake 10 Piece Pad estampado

Ideal Grip for your surfboardIf you want to avoid wax on your surfboard, there's usually no other choice but to stick on a thick EVA front pad. Since its appearance is rather daunting, RS Pro invented the perfect alternative: HexaTraction offers optimum grip at all temperatures while still looking sexy. The front foot grip and traction is light, thin and doesn't absorb water. No melting, no hassle, no residues, no contamination. The installation is super easy and works on all kind of boards, may it be epoxy, polyester or soft board. The River-Wake-Kite Surfing Edition kit (box) is composed by 9 full hexagons and 2 half hexagons of 16cm (6.3") and a HexaTraction star shaped installation template. Features9 full hexagons and 2 half hexagons of 16cm (6.3")incl. HexaTraction star shaped installation template.temperature independentUV protection and waterproofing for your board deckautomotive RSPro™️ qualitynon aggressive to your skin  

RS Pro Hexatraction Surf 20 Pieces Pad estampado

Si quieres evitar la cera en tu tabla de surf, normalmente no hay otra opción que pegar una gruesa almohadilla frontal de EVA. Como su apariencia es bastante desalentadora, RS Pro inventó la alternativa perfecta: HexaTraction ofrece un agarre óptimo a todas las temperaturas sin dejar de ser sexy. El grip del pie delantero es ligero, delgado y no absorbe agua. No hay fusión, no hay problemas, no hay residuos, no hay contaminación. La instalación es súper fácil y funciona en todo tipo de tablas, ya sea de epoxi, poliéster o tablas blandas. CaracterísticasEl kit estándar (caja) está compuesto por 18 hexágonos completos y 4 medios hexágonos de 16cm (6.3")Incluyendo la plantilla de instalación en forma de estrella HexaTractionIndependiente de la temperaturaProtección UV e impermeabilización para la cubierta de la tablaRSPro™️ de Calidad de automociónNo es agresivo para la piel

RS Pro Hexatraction Surf 20 Pieces Pad estampado

Clean up your surfing lifeFeatures​The real HexaTraction™️, often imitated, never duplicatedTemperature independent grip and traction alternative to wax and padsLight, thin and does not absorb waterNo melting, no annoyance, no residues, no contaminationSuper-easy to install modular configurationClear, translucent, so that it does not obscure the board graphicsWorks everywhere: epoxy, polyester and softboardsUV protection and impregnation for the boardAutomotive, RSPro® qualityNot aggressive to your skinDesign & Manufacturing in Barcelona

RS Pro Hexatraction Surf 20 Pieces Pad negro

RS Pro at its bestFeaturesTemperature independent grip and traction alternative to wax and padsLight, thin, and doesn't absorb waterNo melting, no hassle, no residues, no contaminationSuper-easy to install modular configurationClear, translucentWorks everywhereUV protection and waterproofing for your board deckAutomotive, RSPro® qualityNon-Aggressive to your skin