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Pukas La Cote 6’10 Surfboard estampado

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Pukas La Cote 7’0 Surfboard estampado

A hybrid with which you will feel the progress from wave to wave Most of us move forward when standing on a medium length surfboard, but have a hard time moving it. This was what inspired Axel Lorentz when he developed a board with his daughter. They both wanted a beauty of a board that would allow them to surf together in all conditions. From a lightweight woman to a heavyweight average surfer, this board is designed to be ridden with the smoothness of an experienced surfer. The La Côte is a very responsive, incredibly versatile, fun board that initiates turns in the blink of an eye. And of course, it has the biggest advantage of a mid-length surfboard: plenty of volume to help you paddle and enjoy every bit of the ride. FeaturesMid-length surfboard from PukasPerfect for weaker wavesPU constructionInitiates turns more easilyEasy and fast to paddle