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Nidecker Trinity Boa FCS Snowboard Boots 2021 negro

Customizable performance for women by NideckerThe Trinity Boa FCS is a mid-stiff boot, with a clean design, warm, and comfy feeling. With an asymmetrical boot and closure system, it delivers an ergonomic fit and maximum efficiency. The Bronze-Level Heat Moldable liner, with reverse-cut cuff and flex panels, guarantees a perfect fit, while the dual-dial Boa® Focus Closure System controls the support of the upper and lower sections making these boots highly customizable and easy to tighten. Without a doubt, the greatest fitting, greatest value women’s boot around.  FeaturesSoft Boots for women by NideckerLacing: Boa® H3 FocusOutsole: B.F.T. GRAVITYLiner: Bronze-Level Thermo Heat MoldableFlex-Index: 6 from 10

Nidecker Triton Boa FCS Snowboard Boots 2021 negro

La bota Triton Boa FCS 2020 Soft Boot de Nidecker combina comodidad y eficiencia para parques, pistas y backcountry. La suela B.F.T. GRAVITY OUTSOLE con una almohadilla integrada N-Gel, el forro moldeable por calor Bronze-Level, y el puño de corte invertido garantizan un ajuste ergonómico. El sistema de cierre Boa® Focus hace que estas botas sean altamente personalizables y fáciles de apretar. Características El cordón: Boa® H3 FocusSuela: B.F.T. GRAVEDADBotín termomoldeable nivel bronceFlex-Index: 6 de 10