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JJF by Pyzel Gremlin 5’0 Surfboard negro

Soft shell, hard core - Shortboard Performance by John John FlorenceThe Gremlin Surfboard from JJF by Pryzel is the perfect companion for your transition from a longboard to a performance shape. It is also suitable for those who can surf and are looking for an extension to their collection, with a board that allows you to surf anywhere. A soft, durable EVA top layer gives you the ultimate softboard experience. Nevertheless, this surfboard has been created with John John Florence using the most advanced materials. The goal was a surfboard for maximum durability and performance, with real Futures fin boxes and a durable Eco-EPS construction. This guarantees you fun in the waves in any case. Funformance technology Each Funformance board is made from the highest quality materials and built to work for intermediate surfers to performance surfing. Each board features a lightweight and durable epoxy/glass fiber construction, a full length EPS foam core with an internal wooden stringer. For maximum performance the hand polished rails provide. This is an enormous advantage over conventional softboards, as the geometry can be transferred to this exclusive technology through the detailed manual finishing of each individual surfboard. FeaturesSurfboard from JJF by PyzelIn collaboration with John John FlorenceFunformance technologySoft, durable EVA top layerDurable Eco-EPS constructionLight and durable epoxy/glass fibre constructionEPS foam coreHand polished railsInternal wood stringer