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Fanatic Air Mat 8.2×36 SUP Board estampado

Air MatCompleting our range of SUP Fit and SUP Yoga products, the Air Mat provides a moving platform for a new, intense and exciting way of balance training. Perfectly sized for indoor or outdoor pools, you can take your workout to the water all year round. With its generous volume, dimensions and comfortable soft deck – the Air Mat is specifically designed to keep you high and dry during your workout – while taking up minimal space. If it’s yoga, press-ups, squats or headstands – the Air Mat is the ultimate balancing platform for a full body workout to increase strength, core stability, improved proprioception and coordination. FeaturesCompact:Compact length to fit smaller poolsConvenient handles:Convenient handles for carrying and the use of power bandsmultiple eyelets:Multiple high quality eyeletsDeck net:Deck net to attach training equipment or drinkExtra wide:Extra wide for an uninterrupted and dry workoutlarge deck pad:Extra large deck pad for ultimate grip and comfort

Fanatic Air Mat Bag azul

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Fanatic Diamond Air 10.4 SUP Board estampado

Diamond AirDesigned for all levels of female SUPer looking for a ladies specific board that is easy to use and transport, and performs well in everything from flatwater to small waves. Available in 9'8" or 10'4", the lightweight Diamond Air range offer exceptional glide, stability and easy paddling. With a classic longboard outline and packed with volume for a stable stance, they feel just as at home exploring along the coastline or a river, as they are catching small surf at your local break. Simplicity is key, with lightweight DS Light Tech construction, they are easy to stow away and transport, ready for your next session. FeaturesAll-round outline:All-round outline - great for beginners and advanced riders, from flatwater to small wavesfootpad:Diamond grooving footpad for the ultimate grip and comfortdeck net:Integrated deck net to attach luggagetowing eyelets:High quality towing eyeletstool-free Fin:Removable tool-free Fincarrying handle:Soft and comfortable carrying handlequality printing:Full deck/base quality printing and rail design for superior optics

Fanatic Diamond Air 9.8 SUP Board estampado

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Fanatic Diamond Touring 12’6×28.5 estampado

Diamond TouringDesigned for entry to intermediate female SUPers who like to explore – whether it’s miles of coastline, lakes, channels or rivers – the Diamond Touring glides effortlessly into new territories with stability and ease. Benefiting from the development of our race boards, the Diamond Touring allows you to cover distance with minimum effort and maximum glide, thanks to a highly efficient rocker line based on the Strike. Exceptionally stable, the comfortable recessed deck, wide tail and high apex rails make tracking perfect in both flat water and chop. FeaturesDeck V-Spine:Deck V-Spine up the nose for quick recovery and water dispersalDeck net:Deck net attachment pointsFlat angled deck shape:Flat angled deck shape for secure stance and water releaseHigh apex rails:High apex rails - Extra volume in the rails with a high apex ensures a dry and stable ride for you and your luggagePerformance scoop-rocker line:Performance oriented scoop-rocker line for effortless glide and minimal wake off the tailRacing style nose:Narrow racing style nose for smooth water flowRecessed deck:Recessed deck combined with Strike rocker line make them super stableSharp rail edges:Sharp rail edges from centre to tail for extra stability and releasewide tail:Stretched outline maximizes waterline, wide square tail offers extra stabilityCamera mount:Mounting point for action camera (camera not included)

Fanatic Falcon Carbon 14.0×24 estampado

Falcon CarbonEverything about the Falcon – our downwind race specialist – is about combining incredible Surfing speed with a supreme level of efficiency, control and stability to get you across the finish line ahead of the pack – every time. An evolution based on the boards that helped Arthur Arutkin become 2018 APP World Champion, we made significant advances to the design and performance by borrowing DNA from the Blitz. Slightly narrower overall, a straighter outline increases top-speed on flat water, yet – stability and control are still exceptional – thanks to alterations in the deck shape, rocker line, and volume distribution throughout the nose and tail. In the surf, you can effortlessly catch waves and maintain high speed gliding, and thanks to the refinements in the shape, kick turns are also easier, especially for lighter riders. FeaturesAll Features

Fanatic Fly Air Fit Platform S 9.2×44 SUP Board estampado

Fly Air Fit Platform SDespite its smaller size, the new Fly Air Fit Platform S is designed to accommodate up to 10 boards in total, making it ideal docking station for fitness and yoga enthusiasts who may change locations frequently, or are limited by space. More versatile than its smaller than its sibling, the Fit Platform S requires less space and is easier to transport than the existing platform, therefore it is perfect for smaller pools or bodies of water. At the same time, its unique design can act as the perfect match for up to 10 SUP boards, so that your friends or class can enjoy their workout in the largest group possible. FeaturesMultiple eyelets:Multiple connection eyelets to takes up to 4 boards per transverse side and 2 on the end wallsdeck pad:Comfortable and grippy deck padrequires less space:Smaller dimensions and lower weight than the normal platform, requires less space to accommodate up to 10 Fly Air Fit boards or regular SUPs, and is easier to transport and store.

Fanatic Fly Air Package 10.4 SUP Board verde

Remar en el lago o incluso para olas pequeñas en la playa. La Fly Air de Fanatic es divertida para todos. Es extremadamente estable y gracias a la mochila y la bomba también es fácil y cómoda de transportar. ? CaracterísticasVolumen: 284 lAncho: 33" / 83.8cmLargo: 10'4" / 315 cmGrosor: 5,5" / 14cmQuillas 1x US Box 10", 2x pegadas / 1x 19.5 cm, 2x 7 cmPeso del usuario recomendado Tecnología Light Stringer con refuerzo en el bordeImpresión en toda la superficie de la tabla y los bordes para un look especialAleta central desmontable sin herramientasRed de transporte integradaOjales de alta calidad y cómoda asa de transporteBase en relieve para un máximo agarre y comodidadNueva mochila sin ruedasIncluye el Remo de 3 piezas, Bomba HP2, Pure Bag, Correa

Fanatic Power HP8 Pump rojo

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Fanatic Ray Air Pocket 11’6×31″ SUP Board estampado

After our well received Fly Air Pocket Edition we’re adding the respective touring iSUP to our Range – the Ray Air Pocket Edition! The ultra travel-friendly touring iSUP is built in a tough but light construction that allows it to be packed into a backpack half the size of a regular iSUP. With a thinner deck pad and tough but flexible construction, the Ray Air Pocket Edition can be rolled and packed into a much narrower bag, making it extremely easy to store and transport. Based on our highly versatile Ray Air 11’6’’, the efficient shape is packed with volume - offering safe, stable paddling and superb glide – which makes it the perfect iSUP for everyone paddling some distance. With its minimal weight and dimensions nothing comes close the convenient handling of our Pocket Edition iSUPs! FeaturesClick Fins: Comes with two 4.5’’ Click Fins – no tools required – fit and remove in secondsExtremely portable: Extremely portable, the ultimate travel companionReduced deck pad: Reduced area deck pad in standing area to aid packingTouring Shape: Tried and tested shape based on our popular Ray Air 11’6’’Backpack: Compact Pocket backpack with easy entry zipper for board, paddle, pump and accessories (fits paddle and also regular pump)11'6"x31"

Fanatic Ripper Air Touring 10.0 SUP Board estampado

Ripper Air TouringOur kids inflatable SUPs match the strength and size of the next generation perfectly. Light, strong and with easy handling, the ultimate fun package that they can carry to the water themselves on their bike or skateboard, and set up easily. The Ripper Air Touring boasts the ideal dimensions to ensure that kids of all levels will be faster than their buddies & parents on longer adventures. The racy outline ensures that they can paddle efficiently and track well, no matter the distance. FeaturesTouring shape:Touring style shape with effortless glide and efficiency as well as plenty of stability for all terrain and level of usedeck net:Integrated deck net to attach luggageMastfoot insert:Mastfoot insert for windsurfing optiontool-free fin:Removable Fin, no tools neededcarrying handle:Soft and comfortable carrying handletowing eyelets:High quality towing eyelets

Fanatic SUP Leash negro

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Fanatic XL 160x46xm Bag SUP Board Bag azul

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