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Cep Ski Merino Tech Socks negro

The perfect climate for your feet!If you want to give your all on skis and neither want to sweat nor freeze, the Cep Ski Merino Socks are perfect for you. Because the optimal material mix of fine merino wool and synthetic fibre convinces with an excellent thermal balance. Whether in the valley or on the glacier, the comfortable ski socks warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. The wrinkle-free, secure fit offers ideal wearing comfort and gives socks no chance of slipping or blisters. The proven medi compression ensures stability, the best ski feeling and fast regeneration. Ski Merino socks are strong candidates for full winter sports power. FeaturesPerfect foot climate through the combination of finest merino wool and high-quality synthetic fibresUnique wearing comfort through perfect fit in the ski bootOptimum regeneration and performance thanks to targeted use of medi compressionMade in Germany 

Cep Ski Thermo Tech Socks negro

No more cold feet!Spending long skiing days with the pleasant feeling of light legs and warm feet is very easy: with the Cep Ski Thermo Socks. They sit wrinkle-free, do not slip and give blisters no chance. The thick compression knit offers you ideal thermal insulation and therefore the best foot climate in cold temperatures. In addition, the perfectly defined medi compression stabilizes your joints, promotes coordination and provides more power and fast recovery. With the Ski Thermo Socks, nothing stands in the way of active enjoyment on the slopes and you can still experience the perfect skiing feeling on the last run. FeaturesCompression socksThermal socksMade in Germany