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CAPiTA Black Snowboard Of Death 156 2022 Snowboard negro

With legendary status as an all-terrain slayer and too many accolades to name, The Black Snowboard of Death has been continually morphed and modified in pursuit of perfection. The only element that has remained the same over the years is the name itself. For 2021, this icon of CAPiTA's history has been upgraded again with a new FC Hover Core™ featuring Forged Carbon Rods integrated under the core. This placement shifts compression and expansion properties to yield increased response furthering the anytime, anyplace, all-mountain design mantra which made it famous from the beginning. The contemporary Black Snowboard of Death features a slightly wider frame with tighter side cut arcs and Death Grip™, a reverse sidecut arc in the midsection that enables the shape to whip into quick turns. With a well-balanced directional shape and high powered construction, this custom-designed rocket ship allows for incredible control—making you a better snowboarder in variable terrain and changing conditions. Featuresdirectional alpine v1 profile new! forged carbon integration under core 4 x 30 mm amplitex™ amplifiers + carbon fleece power shield™ death grip™ new! fc hover core™ carbon fleece power shield™ amplitex™ v-tech amplifier holysheet™ tri/tri fiberglass magic bean™ resin hyperdrive™ base moonshot pro-tune™ death grip™ multitech™ level 5 deepspace™ silkscreen w/ lazer foil die-cut base plt topsheet technology™ 360 degree hrc48 steel edges full abs1000 sidewalls stainless steel 4 x 2 inserts

CAPiTA Children of the Gnar 137 2022 Snowboard estampado

Designed as a “tween-age” destroyer, these boards form a bridge between the boys and the men. It’s here where the kids start riding better than their parents if that hasn’t happened already. Inspired by the award-winning D..A. series, the Children of the Gnar features a next-generation hybrid camber design that delivers the pop and response of a camber board with the predictability of reverse camber. Although this series is very forgiving and promotes skill building, it is no toy. The Children of the Gnar is the go anywhere, do anything freestyle deck for young shredders during those in-between years. Featurestwin resort v1 profile fsc® certified select core™ special blend fiberglass + magic bean™ resin xxx[truded]™ base pam16000™ topsheet silkscreen base 360 degree hrc 48 steel edges full abs1000 sidewalls stainless steel 4 x 2 inserts