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Blue Magazine Blue Yearbook 2021 Magazine estampado

Blue Magazine #21FeaturesBlue Magazine Blue Yearbook 2021Activism: Save the Waves- Endangered coasts and surf breaks in South Africa, Iceland, the Caribbean and the Maldives // by Danny BurrowsPolitics: Environmental sins in the North Sea // by Tom FreyRumors: Gerry Lopez // by Jack McCoyNorth Surf: Faces of Klitmøller // by Jens Steffenhagen & Louie AngenendtArt: Max Frisinger // by Sebastian RingFantastic Acid: Displacement Hulls by Tristan Mausse // by Simon JamesPeople: Pauline Menczer, Iballa Ruano Moreno, Shalan YasiniCreators: Patrick Trefz, Brian Bent, Zelia Zadra, Adam BrownAfro Surf: Insights into the diverse African surf culture/ by Jan BlaffertHistory: Mentawai Boat Charter Business - Pirates, Tsunamis, Chinese Mafia, Sex, Scandals and Hostile Takeovers // by Matt George Travel: Torren Martyn - Lost Track Atlantic // by Ishka FolkwellRegulars: Photo Story, Travel Tips, Vanlife, Products, Northern Report, Philosophy